Sunday, November 1, 2015

Hope Validated....

I will start this post out with this...
I am not in remission, I am not "cancer free"...
That said..... It was a damned good week to be Jim Brown.

Clinical Update:

On Wednesday I had my first CT scan since my Chemo regime changed.
At my last Chemo treatment my my oncologist was preparing me to accept a slow down in my progress.  The goal of the current regime of treatment is "maintenance" and that in his book "no growth" will be a win.  For a hard charger like myself it is hard to accept that type of news.

The days leading up to the scan were full of anxiety as we feared that there would be tumor growth and we would be put into a position to make a change in my treatment.
Any time I am getting news or results Regina accompanies me to my appointments.
I went through the CT scan routine and we prepared ourselves to meet wit Dr. Eaton.
Finally the time came, as he entered the room, he had a smile and a lighthearted nature that immediately put us at ease.  Upon his initial review he stated that my scan was "very good'.
Basically he said if you were looking at my scan, and didn't know my medical history, my lymph nodes (location of most of my tumors) looked normal in size and shape.
This does not mean that those nodes are cancer free, but it is a good sign.
He compared my scan from June 17th side by side with Oct 28th scan and the difference was remarkable.
Despite his prediction a few weeks ago, my tumors did in fact continue to shrink.
Dr Eaton was both pleased and surprised by this development, he then said that I "have one of the best responses to treatment he has ever seen"
There remains evidence of cancer in some of my bones, this manifests itself as sclerotic activity (evidence of healing and increased bone density) this is all labeled as "stable". 
Upon getting this news Regina and I embraced with joyful tears.
This was the first true joy that I have felt in quite some time.

This is Hope Validated

I am a Warrior.
I am a Thrivor.
I am the Exception.
I choose the Miracle.

I have much more to do in this life, and many more people to touch.
This adversity is teaching me a lot about myself, and about life.
I intend to share those lessons with others who may be put into a similar tough spot.
I am far from being done.

I truly believe that God is performing a miracle in my life, that the prayers are powerful, and my comprehensive care plan to defeat cancer and heal my body is very effective.
I still have a long ways to go. The current game plan is: continue Chemo every 3 weeks and we will switch to CT scans every 9 weeks instead of every 6 weeks.
I will stick to my Remission Mission and stay the course, with a couple of minor adjustments.

God tells us to be specific about our needs.
To those who are praying for myself and my family, here it is.
-COMPLETE healing from Metastatic Adenocarcinoma.
-PEACE in my mind so that my body can fully engage my immune system.
-Restful sleep for Regina and I (this has eluded us for quite some time).
-PEACE for my daughters and our family as we take this challenge on.

 Last Wednesday Bella's HS team was scheduled to play Olympia High School.
We rushed home from Seattle and made our way to the pitch.
I volunteer to do sideline medical for the games so I was on the sideline for introductions.
As each of the Olympia players were introduced, they ran across the field,  and came straight to me for a fist-bump.
Every player had "Hold Fast" written on their knuckles as a tribute to me.
Additionally, OHS were wearing special edition "Hold Fast for Jim Brown" jerseys.
One highlight of the game was that my daughter Bella scored and equalizing goal in the 1st half; a bullet from 25 yards.  To punctuate the night - After the hard fought match was over, the Oly players took off their Hold Fast Jerseys and gave their jerseys to the entire BHHS team.
Our whole family was stunned and humbled by this show of support.
Thank you so much Tessa Effland and OHS Varsity Girls' Soccer Team.
BHHS and OHS with Hold Fast Jerseys   
Several of Isabella's friends took it upon themselves to paint a mural in the Black Hills High School commons area dedicated to me.  A wolf is their Mascot; hence the handsome wolf in Fire Fighter bunker gear. This was a surprising and touching tribute. You can see the Oly Soccer Jersey worn by one of Bella's teammates Julia below.
                                    I continue to be blown away by community support.
BHHS Class of 2018 Mural
Other Life Events:
Bella's team Black Hills High School won the league championship and are now in the state playoffs.
I continue to work as much as my treatment schedule allows, and OFD continues to support me.
Community members have put together a meal delivery plan for our family which is amazing.

League Champions
Thank you for taking the time to keep up with me.
I truly do feel all of the good vibes and prayers.
I am thankful and I am blessed.
I will prevail, I will Hold Fast.



  1. Best blog yet! We're getting closer to Corsica. Love you Jim Brown & Brown girls!

  2. Good to get this news on a Monday, my week has some perspective already. Hold Fast Jim.

  3. Good to get this news on a Monday, my week has some perspective already. Hold Fast Jim.

  4. Amen & amen! Sweetest update with only more to come!

  5. you continue to put me In tears, tears of hope, tears of prayer, tears of courage and tears of family. ALL good tears for you... Hold fast.
    Debbie Powers

  6. buone notizie, from Italy! The Mendels.