Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Remission Mission....

Been three weeks since an update.
During that time I took an amazing trip to Canada with Regina.
We had the chance to go back to the place we met 27 years ago, Young Life's Malibu Club.
It was a week of rest, reading, meditation, prayer, and general healing for my body and soul.
I read 2 books while I was there, walked every day, and soaked up the beauty and majesty.

How am I feeling:
After 4 rounds and 12 weeks of treatment there seems to be a cumulative effect from the Chemotherapy.  My red cell count is low and I am fairly anemic, this brings my endurance down and gases me out any time I exert myself.  I am able to put time in at the office in smaller chunks than normal, and function with life's general duties.  Working out has been put on the wayside for a little while as I deal the the anemia, and the blood clot that has formed in my lungs.(injections twice a day)
I hope to get back in the mix here soon with regards to physical activity.

Radical Remission:
One of the books I read in Canada is called "Radical Remission".
The author identified over a thousand cases of "Radical Remission" which are cases where patients made miraculous recoveries after being given very dismal prognosis.
She wanted to know what were the key things that these people had in common that may have contributed to their Remission.
After all of the research it came down to 9 bullet points:
1.  Radically changing your diet.
2.  Taking control of your health.
3.  Following your intuition.
4.  Utilizing herbs and supplements.
5.  Releasing suppressed emotions.
6.  Increasing positive emotions.
7.  Embracing social support.
8.  Deepening your spiritual connection.
9.  Strong reasons for living.

Jim Brown's "Remission Mission Statement"
Based on the principals in "Radical Remission" here is my gameplan, it is dynamic and ever changing but for the time being here it is:

1.            Radically changing your diet.

                                Consult with Nutritionist based on principals in RR.

                                1.            Start each day with glass filtered water/100oz per day

                                2.            Eliminate sugar/dairy/refined foods.                                     

                                3.            Increase organic vegetable and fruit intake/juicing.

                                4.            Eat only clean meats/fish in small portions.

                                5.            No alcohol.

                                6.            96 hour fast built around chemo treatment.

                                7.            Investigate colonic treatments to cleanse liver.

                Start dietary plan after August 26th Chemo/Fast.


2.            Taking Control of your health.

                                1.            Continue traditional treatments with SCCA.

                                2.            Continue Chiropractic with Dr Rosser.

                                3.            Continue Massage with Rebecca Noble.

                                4.            Continue Acupuncture with Jim Stegenga.

                                5.            Continue Jin Shin Jyutsu with Leslie Demich.

                                6.            Continue therapy with Dr. Hurst.

                                7.            Continue supplements with Dr. Shannon.

                                8.            Start Reiki with Jaz Klinski.

                                9.            Vitamin D Booth. (Kelly Noonan)

                                 10.         Structured exercise program. (Cycling, Walking, Weights)

                                 11.         Daily meditation.

                                  12.        Daily yoga (30 min for fitness/flexibility)


3.            Follow Intuition.

                                1.            Persist with Oncoplex or other similar DNA testing.

                                2.            Research any other possibilities that "my gut" tells me to.

                                3.            Reschedule consult with Dr. Mulligan.

                                4.            Investigate secondary consult with:

                                                                OHSU/ Dana Farber/ MD Anderson/ Sloan Kettering

                                5.            Get the answer to stopping Carboplatin vs. continuing with it or coming                                                 back to it.


4.            Using Herbs and Supplements.

                                Consultation with Dr. Shannon @Wellness Center.

                                1.            Continued immuno-boosting.

                                2.            Blood markers.

                                3.            Assistance with anemia.

                                4.            Colonic treatments.


5.            Releasing Suppressed Emotions.

                                Working with Dr. Mark Hurst.

                                1.            Anger/Emotions over Dad's death.

                                2.            Lifelong  body dysmorphia.

                                3.            Insecurities.

                                4.            Perceived poor performance as husband.

                                5.            Perceived poor performance as father.

                                6.            Workplace stress.

                                7.            Fear of death.

                                8.            Mind clearance. (meditation)


6.            Increasing Positive Emotions.


                                1.       Identify physical things that feed my soul and bring me joy.

     2.            Identify activities with kids for joy (painted plate/movies/etc..)

                                3.            Commit to laughter with Regina and Kids.                            

                                4.            Go to firehouse once a week to watch comedy with guys.

                                5.            Find things to watch with Regina to laugh.

                                6.            One on one dates with girls.

7.            Embracing Social Support.

                                Identify and accepting the support put forth by my community.

                                1.            Family support.

                                2.            Work place support

                                3.            Personal support

                                4.            Fitness support-

                                5.            Engage Wendy's website to build specific support projects.

                                6.            Accept offers of financial assistance and ask for any further needed.

                                7.            Ask for what I need, no matter what it is.

8.            Deepening your spiritual connection.

                                1.            Daily time in the word.

                                2.            Daily prayer to also include family.

                                3.            Mentorship with respected men.

                                4.            Fellowship.

                                5.            Investigate church attendance.

9.            Having Strong Reasons For Living.

                                1.            Regina.

                                2.            Isabella/Phoebe/Lillian.

                                3.            Unfinished work on this earth both professional and personal.

                                4.            Grandkids.

                                5.            Avenging my father’s death.

 So there you have it, as always I am thankful and blessed. #holdfast





  1. I love ya brother, you are amazing. Hold Fast! Praying daily for you!

  2. Awesome insight Jim! You are not alone in the daily battles. Matthew 11:28-30
    Come to me (Jesus) all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”

  3. Thinking of you each day Jim! Keep your positive perspective and thoughts flowing, loved reading the update.

    Lots of virtual love,