Monday, October 12, 2015

Catching Up..

Catching Up:
There have been some very cool things going on in my life over the course of the last few weeks.
I don’t have any new clinical information to report, as I am not due for another CT Scan till the 28th of October.  What I can say, is that doing only 1 type of Chemo drug is not as impactful with regards to side effects.  It feels like my hematocrit is holding stable and my fatigue levels are much better than they were before.  I am in the office currently 32-36 hours a week on non treatment weeks and 15-20 on the weeks when I have treatment.  I have another Chemo infusion(my 6th) this Wednesday, I just have to remember to give it the respect it deserves and throttle back my activities.

Hold Fast Beer 5K:
So my wonderful friend Hollie Myhr took it upon herself to tell my story to Cascade Lakes Brewing Company, they reworked one of their existing beer labels and came up with HOLD Fast IPA and then donated 12 cases of the beer to the cause.  Hollie then in pretty short order put together a 5k Run/Walk for me.  On September 26th about 100 people showed up at The Strong Center to support our family.
It was a very cool grassroots event, both of my youngest daughters did the run and Regina and Isabella helped staff the event.  I got to stand up at the top of the hill at Fitlife and hand out High-5’s to everybody as they got to the top.   After the run we had a party at The Office Grill where beer was auctioned off and the fastest runners were recognized.
Thank you once again to my community for surrounding us with love and support.
Brief speech before the run: HOLD FAST RUN
Hold Fast IPA
Lillian at the top of the hill

Phoebe handing out kisses instead of High-5's
Base to Space Stairclimb:
Remember that part where I was gonna pull the throttle back on crazy activities??
Well…….I thought it would be a good idea to participate in the first ever stair-climb to the top of the Space Needle, which was a fundraiser for The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Foundation.
And you know what?  It was a good idea.  I raised over $1,000 in the weeks preceding the event.
My friend Troy Churchwell was my partner for the day, he and I have been through many things together, and it was an honor that he volunteered to be my partner in crime.
The morning of the event I woke up and wondered what had I gotten myself into?
I was truly apprehensive about what I had set out to do, but then I thought about the big picture, the money I had raised, my defiance against my disease, and the potential inspiration I could provide to others by doing this, so I shut down the doubt and forged on.
It was a beautiful fall day in Seattle and as we lined up I reminded Troy that “we would get there when we get there,” “no problem” he said.
I’m not gonna lie, it was challenging and I really had to pace myself and take breaks, this was more than a gentle reminder that the current version of me, isn’t “me”…..
Eventually we arrived at the top faster than I thought we would, both of us were overcome with emotion and joyful tears were shed, this was a powerful bonding experiance and left me feeling empowered about my situation, I’m still Jim Brown Dammit!!!!!

Made it to the top!!!!

Breathtaking view
Survivor to Thrivor:
In one of my previous blogs I mentioned my new friend Justin McLean who is a cancer Survivor/Thrivor from Melbourne Australia, he has been encouraging me from halfway around the world in my battle.
Justin is trying to get people to shift their thinking with regards to survivorship and characterize what we are doing as Thriving and becoming Thrivors!!!!  Check it out here: THRIVOR
Justin had some business to do in the USA and he just happened to be in Seattle on the day of the stairclimb.  We shared a tearful hug upon meeting one another and bonded like we have been friends for years.   I intend on being friends with Justin for a long time, and he continues to inspire me.
Check out his letter to cancer here:  LETTER TO CANCER
Check out his Rapha produced video here:  NO PLAN B

A couple of THRIVORS!!!!!

The Fight:
I am not gonna lie or try to pull punches, I am keeping my chin up but this is an emotional roller coaster and it can be pretty difficult to manage.
I have some pretty rough days and the darkness tries to creep inside of my head.
I am sticking to my REMISSION MISSION and thinking like a warrior.
My daily mantra:
I am a Warrior.

I am a Thrivor.

I am the Exception.

I choose the miracle.
I tell myself these things every day to internalize and live by them.
There are some cancer patients that describe the disease as a gift because it caused them to look a life differently and helped them change priorities.
I will NEVER call cancer a gift, what I will say is that I have been extended an INVITATION to live and love fully, and to see things in new ways that were not apparent to me before.
When I come out of this thing on the other side I will be a CHANGED and BETTER man, and I intend to take the lessons I learn and pass them on to help others in the same spot as I have found myself.

In closing....I am a thankful and blessed man.
Regina, Bella, Phoebe, and Lillian are the lights of my life and bring me bountiful joy.
Please keep the prayers coming as I believe in their power.
Thank you for your love and support during this challenging time. 
When you see me, remind me that I am a Warrior.


Big Daddy


  1. You ARE a warrior. Always have been. I'm praying for you and hope tomorrow goes well. Thank you for blessing us with your thrivor attitude and sharing your story. We love you!

  2. DREAM BIG, PRAY BOLD, and HOLD FAST Brown family!