Saturday, March 19, 2016

Dear Cancer

March 16,2016 White Pass Washington

Dear Cancer,
First things first......Fuck You!
Who do you think you are trying to mess my life up?
You have taken my control from many aspects of my life, but I vow to take them back.  
I fear you like I would an opponent, it's a  type of fear that makes you sharp. 
Make no mistake, though I fear you... I am not scared of you.  
I will take you head on, and I will fight you, and you better pack a big fucking lunch.  
At first, I suppressed my anger because I didn't want any negative vibes running through my body, but a friend pointed out that If somebody was trying to kill me, I would get pissed and that would help to fuel my survival instincts.
Well something IS trying to kill me and I AM PISSSED, and that does help to fuel my fire to survive and to THRIVE.
Your biggest infraction thus far is causing hurt and pain for my friends and family.
How dare you cause my daughter's grief, how dare you cause them to worry about my health, well being, and survival.  
They don't deserve that....they deserve to be loved by their father for many years, they deserve to be kids and live life without this stress, they deserve to be walked down the isle by me someday.
Fuck You Cancer!!!!  You are not going to take that from us.
I will prevail....

I will be victorious in this fight, you don't have any idea what you signed up for when you picked me.
The power of prayer, trust in God, my family and friends, and the modern miracles of medicine are my weapons, you don't stand a chance.

Just thought you should know where we stand right now.
I will not quit.

I am a Warrior.
I am a Thrivor.
I am the Exception.
I choose the Miracle.

Suck It,


March18th Brown Casa, Tumwater, Washington


  1. Yeah. What Jim said....... F You cancer!

  2. Oh yeah.......Nice tights BTW. AB