Thursday, June 11, 2015

Disneyland, Community, Treatment Plan......

So the end of May was a whirlwind for the Brown Brood.
Over Memorial Weekend I shot quickly over to Spokane to visit the Rad Racing NW Kids, who were crushing to 24 hour race.  I even got to knock off a lap with Joe Spranger.
Monday May 25at 4:30 a limousine showed up a the ranch and the Browns were off to Disneyland...Remember that I said this is NOT Make a wish foundation trip.
Generous friends conspired to make it an unforgettable trip for our family with some serious VIP treatment.  I was able to spend some time with one of my best friends in the world Gus Bayle and his family, Gussy gave up his steed to me and we even were able to get in an easy spin out to PV.
Meet ups with old friends like Tela Crane and Dave and Susie Edler just made an already amazing trip more rich. Special thanks to Disneyland Fire Department/Anaheim Fire Department/ and Orange County Firefighters for paving the way to Disney magic.
Brotherhood at Disney

PV with Fussy Gussy
While we in California a literal Extreme Home-Makeover Firefighter Edition was going on at our house. This edition features, garage rebuild, pool cleaning, dirt bike tune-up, lawn mowing, and a general good old fashioned cleaning.  The plot thickened when my brother and mom conspired with Mark Stewart to have the family 71' Chevelle delivered.
The antics of my co-workers is here: Home Make Over Firefighter Style

Our family continues to be blown away and humbled by the response to this family crisis by our community.  Our lives have many different facets, Fire Department, Rad Racing, Regina's Work, School and Soccer, Old Friends, and some really cool new ones.
Some friends set up a travel/treatment fund and it has gone over 13K, holy smokes.
All I can say is THANK YOU but that falls so short.
Jennifer Hulse who is a dispatcher at TCOMM started making bracelets to support us and I am blown away when I see the span of friends ordering them up, and keeping me in their thoughts and prayers.
Jennifer's shop is here:  Hold Fast Bracelets
Then McLovin' started the stickers, last I heard there were 3K printed, as I drive through town I see them everywhere, they are on all of the OFD Apparatus as well as all OPD Patrol cars.
These kinds of things ignite a fire inside of me to wage a fierce fight that has one ending, I walk away from this a changed and better man, and I grow old with my bride watching our brood make their own lives.  The outreach from friends who have beaten cancer or are currently fighting it continues and inspires me and motivates me.
OFD and the City of Olympia continue to be stellar in their support, thank you specifically to Chief Larry Dibble and City Manager Steve Hall for having my back here.
And then the Stewart family went for Tattoos...and so did a few others...
Stewart Clan

George Taggart

Jim Flynn
Meyers Brood

Brown Brood loaded up

 Treatment Plan:
2 weeks ago I had another biopsy done on my tumors, they are being sent off for genetic testing.
In the mean time my treatment will be commencing the week of June 22 with a Clinical Trial through SCCA and working with Dr Keith Eaton.
The nature of the trial is testing a drug that helps to "wake up" my own immune system to fight and destroy the cancer, it has been proven helpful with other types of cancer, now it is being tested for Lung Cancer.  Better explanation about nuts and bolts is here: MK-3475
In my trial I will also be given standard of care Chemotherapy.
My treatments will go in 21 day cycles with CT scans to check the progress every 2 cycles.
The results of the genetic mutation pathology will be back in 6-8 weeks.
If something comes back on the pathology that indicates we have a specific treatment for, we will assess where I am with the trial and make the call from there.
I'll be working on some nutrition and dietary things along with some other "non-conventional" ways to take care of myself.
The next couple of months will be a bit up in the air as I see how my body reacts to the treatment, and that it will dictate the ebb and flow of our life.
I am fired up to get this going and put all of this behind me.
Surgery Day
And finally one of my best friends Kevin Bossard put together the old band and made a motivational video for me to keep my spirits up, thanks Kevin!!!!!
Kevin Bossards Hillbilly Jug Band

All of that aside I am going try to keep being "me" as much as I can.
Hitting some World Cup Soccer in Canada with my soccer girls, driving bikes when I can, squeezing every bit of life out of each day that I can.

For updates other than this too infrequent blog: Hold Fast Page



Note I hung in my Dad's Hospital Room in 2011, I guess I need to take my own advise now.....